Rahul Gandhi predicts a surprise result in Elections 2024

Rahul Gandhi predicts a surprise result in Elections 2024 during his press meeting at the Washington National Press Club. Rahul has been taking on the BJP leadership during the current US tour and is vying the Opposition unity to replace the BJP from power in the upcoming General Elections in 2024.

Rahul Gandhi
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Rahul Gandhi offers hope for a United Opposition

Rahul has been very much vocal during his ongoing US tour with his sharp criticism of PM Modi and his way of Governance. He has also expressed his confidence that the Opposition parties have decided to put up a United Front to fight the BJP in the upcoming elections and defeat the BJP Government. “I think the Congress party will do very well in the next election. I think it will surprise people. Just do the math, a united opposition will defeat the BJP on its own,” he said.

Rahul Gandhi claims that he and his party has been regularly in touch with the Opposition parties, all of those who only have a regional presence, to put up a collective fight in the upcoming General Elections in 2024. However, reality has been a bit different as the West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee is up in arms against the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal after their only representative in the Assembly switched loyalties within 3 months of winning the elections in a Congress ticket. If the regional parties are to put up a unified show, the Trinamool Congress has to be a part of the group, considering the number of seats they can win in West Bengal.

United we Stand

Rahul Gandhi also said that “The opposition is pretty well united. We are having conversations with all the Opposition (parties). I think quite a lot of good work is happening there. It’s a complicated discussion because there are spaces where we are competing with the Opposition. So a bit of give and take is required,”

The former President of the Congress Party is currently disqualified from representing the Party in Parliament after being convicted in a defamation case, but he claims that the disqualification is an advantage of sorts for him.


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