DNS Cache clearing in iPhone and iPad as suggested by expert

DNS Cache happens to be one of the most effective steps to faster browsing and with the advent of smartphones, the internet has become a part of the lifestyle and individuals happen to spend most of their time on the phone, being online. Access to relatively cheap data plans has also contributed to the cause. The browsing history and preferences are stored in the device for easier and quicker access to the favorite sites and apps as well. However, apart from the above advantage, DNS cache can lead to a few persistent security and performance issues in iPhones and iPads. Hence, regularly flushing or clearing the DNS Cache can ensure a smooth and optimized browsing experience.

Advantages of clearing the Cache

 The cache can become cluttered with outdated or incorrect information, leading to slower loading times and website errors. Users can also be prone or exposed to malware and malicious website if the cache is not flushed regularly. Clearing the cache is essential for maximizing performance, fighting security threats, and ensuring reliable connectivity.

How to flush or clear DNS Cache in iPhone or iPad

  • Open Control Center on the device by swiping down the screen from the upper end.
  • Turn on the Airplane Mode on the phone

DNS Cache

  • Turn off the Airplane Mode after 15-20 seconds to ensure that the DNS Cache is flushed off or cleared.

Network Settings Reset on iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Settings App on the device
  • Open the General Option and then choose Transfer or Reset iPhone.

DNS Cache

  • Click on Reset and then on Reset Network Settings.

DNS Cache

Alternate ways of resetting the Cache

If the above steps seem to be cumbersome, restarting the phone or the Apple device can also flush or clear the DNS Cache as well. However, it also needs to be remembered that restarting the phone would be a more time-consuming affair that the above-mentioned steps.


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