Odisha Train Accident claims 260 lives so far and 900 injure

Odisha Train Accident claims 260 lives so far with 900 injured as rescue operations are still underway unearthing more bodies. Several trains in the route have currently been canceled as rescue operations are still underway among the rubbles after a triple train collision occurred near the city of Balasore in Odisha on Friday evening.

Odisha Train Accident
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Odisha Train Accident – What actually happened?

The derailing of the Shalimar – MGR Chennai Central Coromandel Express which was traveling from Shalimar to Chennai was derailed near the Bahanaga Station near Balasore around 6.30 pm in the evening after it collided with a goods train. The Bengaluru-Howrah superfast express that was on the down line derailed at 6.55 pm after it reportedly collided with the already derailed Coromandel Express about 30 mins from the time the previous train was derailed, making it one of the most horrific railway accidents to have ever happened in India.

Odisha Train Accident – Official Reports

“So far 233 persons have died in the train mishap and over 900 passengers are injured. Most of the injured have been admitted to various hospitals including Bhadrak, Balasore, Mayurbhanj, Cuttack SCB, and other hospitals. Those who have suffered minor injuries are being discharged after administering first aid,”. “Several volunteers came forward and at present there is a stock of 900 units of blood in Balasore following a massive donation by the locals. Similarly, volunteers are also ready to donate blood in Bhadrak and Cuttack. The process of identifying the bodies and autopsy has already started,” said Chief Secretary Jena of Odisha.

As per the latest news update, Odisha Train Accident, PM Narendra Modi and Odisha CM Naveen Pattanaik along with WB CM Mamata Banerjee are scheduled to reach the spot to have a first-hand look at the situation and assess the damages that have occurred. With more and more dead bodies being unearthed, the situation does look very grim as of now. The Railway Minister has also ordered a high-level inquiry into the triple collision that occurred along with the details on how the anti-collision system and the signaling system failed to avert the accident.

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