How to effectively track lost iPhone or stolen ones

How to effectively track lost iPhone or stolen ones using software applications as per industry experts and professionals. The answer to this very common question lies in using a specially designed application named Find My App which can be an integral part of any Apple device or iOS mobile. The app uses GPS technology to zero in on the location of the device and shows them on the map which facilitates real-time tracking. Listed below are the steps for the same:

1. Features of Find My iPhone App

The above-mentioned app has the following features that can be put to use to track lost iPhone or track stolen iPhones.

  • View location details
  • Playing sound on the device.
  • Activate the lost mode
  • Erasing the phone data remotely.
  • Device notification when the phone is found.
  • Notification to alert if the phone is left behind.

2. How to track lost iPhone or stolen iPhone

The Find My app provides an easy-to-use interface for recovering and tracking lost iPhone or track stolen iPhone.

Finding the device on the map

  • Open the Find My App → Devices tab in the bottom navigation bar.
  • Click on the Devices section from the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Misplaced Device
  • Select Directions
  • Selecting Directions will open the Apple Map which can be used to locate the device.

track lost iPhone

3. Playing the sound

The above option will be operational only if the phone is connected to the Internet. The steps include:

  • Launching the Find My App.
  • Navigate to the Devices Tab.
  • Locate and Click on the misplaced device from the list.
  • Click on Play Sound.

track lost iPhone

4. Marking the Apple device as lost

If the device is remotely marked as lost, by using a passcode, the device will automatically be disabled. Following steps can be used to mark the device as lost as an initial step to track lost iPhone or track stolen iPhone.

  • Open Find My App.
  • Select Devices -> Misplaced Device
  • Navigate the list to select Activate under the Mark As Lost option and Click Continue to confirm.
  • Additionally, Phone Numbers and Messages can be entered.
  • Toggle on Receive Email Updates → Choose Activate from the top right corner of the screen.

5. Erasing the data from the lost device remotely

To track lost iPhone or track stolen iPhone device always runs the risk of data security. This app helps in locking the device remotely or erasing the data on the phone to avoid unauthorized use.

  • Launch the Find My app
  • Navigate to the Devices section → Locate and tap your misplaced device.
  • select Erase This Device → Continue
  • Enter your Phone number → select Erase.
  • Provide your Apple ID password → tap Erase on the top right corner of the screen.

6. Tracking a switched-off or dead iPhone

One important aspect to track a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone can be done by activating the Lost Mode using the Find My App. When the Lost Mode and turns on the Find My feature, the device emits a Bluetooth signal that nearby Apple devices can detect, enabling them to track its current location. In a situation to track lost iPhone the battery is not holding enough charge, the reserve charges saved on the phone is activated automatically.

7. Locating friends with Find My App

The app provides an additional option to track friends even after the device is locked in order to track lost iPhone or track stolen iPhone. To do so, the following steps can be undertaken:

  • Open Find My app.
  • Select the People tab from the bottom.
  • Tap on the friend’s name in the people section → Click Directions.
  • Apple Maps would be opened after the above step and clicking on GO stars the tracking.

8. Tracking Third-Party Accessories using Find My App

For exercising the above-mentioned options, the version of iOS needs to be checked for compatibility. The next step involves linking the Airtag to the app using the following steps:

  • Open Find My app.
  • Select the Items tab from the bottom
  • Select the item to locate.
  • Choose Find to track down the item.
  • Apple Maps would be opened after the above step and on-screen instructions need to be followed from here on.


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