US Election 2020: Is Bernie Sanders The FrontRunner?

In the race of 2020 election, people feel that Bernie Sanders is the front-runner in the race to become the Democratic challenger to President Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders likes to call his presidential campaign a revolution, but it is becoming more a rock concert. But the thousands of fans have their cheers for the scruffy-haired … Read more

US Election 2020 On The Way And Democrats Competing To Take On Trump

Election season is all its way and there are many democratic challengers who are in the race to Donald trump. Last summer, nearly 30 candidates were there but this season there are fewer than 10 who are present to compete. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are some of the famous names. Joe Biden is a … Read more

James Bond New Movie Premiering In China Affected Because Of COVID-19

James bond franchise is coming up with yet another movie and that is “No Time to Die.” The franchise is promoting the movie in different parts of the world including China. There was supposed to be a planned publicity tour of China for the movie but as of now that stands canceled in the event … Read more

Microsoft Patch To Fix Glitches In Popular Software Products

Microsoft today discharged updates to plug almost 100 security openings in different renditions of its Windows operating system along with related software. This also included fixing vulnerability issues for Internet Explorer (IE). In this context, it is relevant to say that certain vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer are being misused. Likewise, Adobe has issued several security … Read more

Northern Iowa Student Granted Full $10,000 Prize After Controversial Half-Court Shot

Dalton Hinsch is getting his full prize and this is after considering the controversial half-court shot. In this context, Dalton Hinsch is a Northern Iowa student. He at first denied a $10,000 prize in the wake of finishing an in-game basketball ball shooting challenge held on Wednesday. The person is set to get the whole … Read more

Amazing Collections Of New York Fashion Week Street Style

When it is about street style, then Marc Jacobs is a spectacular one. Lots of designers have begun putting concerns about the results at the time when global warming remains at the centre of all practices. There are many new talents who are finding new ways to work with waste products and using deadstock as … Read more

Have A Glance At Details Of New York Fashion Week

Across the globe, huge number of people wait for the New York Fashion week. It one of the most anticipated events which is held twice a year. Here you can find the amazing works of both emerging as well as the renowned designers. As the September will be around the corner, the aroma of fashion … Read more

Tidal Ponds Give Homebuyers The Advantages Of Sea Shore Without The Hazard

Florida, USA is a beautiful place for tourists far and wide. There are tourist hotspots in Wesley Chapel, Florida where the water is a beautiful blue and the palm trees influence over the white sand. The things that are missing are the salty ocean air and the sound of ocean waves battering on the shore. … Read more