Rahul Gandhi Yatra of Bharat Jodo appreciated in Ayodhya

Rahul Gandhi’s desperate bid to be of consequence in the Indian political eco space and to restore the Grand Old Party back, as a force to reckon with, made way for his march for solidarity or Bharat Jodo Yatra spanning across the country.  The Rahul Gandhi Yatra in its entirety could be termed as a moderately successful one, however whether the success translated into votes or seats and bring back the Congress Party into relevance, does remain to be seen. But the success, as an example can be attributed to the fact that his efforts have been recognized and appreciated by a few including the Ram Mandir Chief Priest Acharya Satyendra Das and General Secretary Champat Rai, who lent their support to the cause.

Rahul Gandhi Yatra of Bharat Jodo appreciated in Ayodhya
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Rahul Gandhi Yatra and its impact

Few of the allies that are still with the Congress, did stand beside Rahul and shared the stage with the Gandhi scion. It was probably the first major and genuine attempt made by Rahul Gandhi to connect with the masses after the series of setbacks in national and provincial elections that wiped out the Congress from most of the states and led the Grand Old Party into obscurity. The Yatra got its due support from the local and provincial players like RLD (Rastriya Lok Dal) and SP (Samajwadi party) who are also trying to crawl back into mainstream.

Ayodhya and the Yatra

Probably, the most talked about the phase of Rahul Gandhi Yatra or Bharat Jodo Yatra was the recognition it received from the Ram Mandir Chief Priest and General Secretary, who lauded his efforts for the cause. Uttar Pradesh is considered to be the most significant state in any Lok Sabha election with respect to the number of seats and history bears the witness that in all General Elections, the party who conquered UP, has subsequently gone on to rule in Delhi as well. Hence, taking advantage of the situation, the Congress Party leaders have already started publicizing that the appreciation received could be a signal of a change in regime with the “Winds of Change” blowing in their favor. UP CM Aditya Yogi has however played down the incident as something of a very low tone and that it’s the results that always matter.

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