Peeing on passenger midair fiasco on Air-India’s flight

Morality standards hit a new low on an Air India flight from New York’s JFK (John F Kennedy) International Airport to New Delhi, where a male passenger relieved himself on another female co-passenger on November 26, 2022. Surprisingly, the person was free to walk away after the flight landed in New Delhi as the concerned authorities didn’t take the perpetrator to the task. It was only after the victim brought the incident to the attention of the Chairman of Tata Group, N Chandrashekaran, that corrective measures were finally initiated and a police complaint was filed that led to the consideration that the miscreant should be put on “No-fly” list for Peeing on passenger midair.

Peeing on passenger midair
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Peeing on passenger midair: What actually happened

The incident took place mid-air as a drunk passenger urinated on a female co-passenger after he walked towards her and unzipped his pants to relieve himself drenching her clothes. The male passenger after urinating kept exposing his private parts right in front of her and only after the co-passengers raised their concern, the miscreant move out from there. To the utter surprise of the other passengers onboard, the flight attendants and authorities never made an effort to stop the incident from happening or take action on the perpetrator during the flight. The crew only gave her clothes so that she can change during the flight. The apathy of the crew members allowed the miscreant to walk away freely after the flight landed in New Delhi.

Complaint filed by the victim

The Peeing on passenger midair incident that took place on 22 November 2022, prompted the airline authorities to initiate action only after the victim brought it to the attention of the Chairman of Tata Group, N Chandrashekaran by writing a letter to him. She complained of the inefficiency and the apathy of the crew members on the flight that led the accused to walk away without any action being initiated after the flight landed. The police are now set to be investigating the incident and the Airlines Authorities are initiating the process to bar the perpetrator from getting on-air.

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