Top Indian OTT Platforms are spending billions on Content

The quote “Quality over Quantity” seems to be the motto of OTT (Over-the-Top) viewership and holds true for all Top Indian OTT Platforms. The advent of satellite television and its popularity had initially spoilt the viewers of choice. Today, a lot of them have migrated to movie and binge watching on OTT as satellite television provides a bouquet of channels but the quality might not be something that the channels focus on currently. This is probably the most significant reason for the viewers, migrating to the OTT’s re-establishing the fact that Content or rather the quality of content is the actual King. Staggering numbers that illustrate a spectacular increase in OTT viewership Year-on-Year supports this theory.

Top Indian OTT Platforms
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The exponential rise in OTT viewership

OTT’s have probably revolutionized viewing patterns with the quality of movies and series it broadcasts covering varied genres. With features like re-viewing the same content as per own wish, which is not a very convenient option on satellite TV platforms, coupled with the huge database of the content viewers have at their disposal, OTT’s are currently a lot ahead in attracting viewers. Also, the word binge-watching, came into being with OTT’s giving the option of watching web series at one go. Netflix became a household name in India after it broadcasted the web series, “Sacred Games”. Few could have missed the giant posters of Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Netflix had reportedly spent around Rs. 3-4 crore on marketing this web series.


Top Indian OTT Platforms: Numbers speak for themselves

Top Indian OTT Platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney+Hotstar along with Sony Liv, Zee5 and Voot are reported to have collectively earned almost Rs.5500 crores to develop quality content for its viewers as per PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) survey reports for Top Indian OTT Platforms. The above figure translated to percentage shows a 22.6% annual growth rate. Considering the loss of revenue due to piracy, India is still among the top 10 global OTT markets with a predicted Year-on-Year growth of 35%, going forward. The figures include regional content viewership as well as contributing to the diversity of the content. With billions in the pipeline to be invested, it is attracting top mainstream actors to grace the platform.

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