Delhi woman car accident involving BJP leader creates outrage

Another horrific night to welcome the New Year was on offer as a 20-year-old woman returning from work in her scooty was hit by a car and was dragged for about 1.5hrs resulting in her loss of life. The incident took place in Khanjawala area of Outer Delhi. The level of brutality of the Delhi woman car accident could also be measured from the fact that the woman was found lying naked on the road as she was identified by the locals. As she was rushed to the nearby hospital in Mangolpuri, where the doctors confirmed that she had already lost her life. Investigations revealed that a BJP leader was also present in the car as the police traced and arrested the accused based on the registration number of the car.

Delhi woman car accident involving BJP leader creates outrage.
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Delhi woman car accident – Dragged to death

A witness to the incident, that the body of the woman was dragged for about 1.5 hours as a result of the entanglement with the vehicle. The bystander was alerted by a loud noise in the wee hours of Monday morning, which caught his attention as he found the woman being dragged through with the vehicle. He informed the police of the incident who tracked the accused by the car registration number. According to the witness, the lady was dragged for about 18-20 kms in this 1.5 hr brutal ordeal as he too chased the car and was in touch with the cops over the phone.

Accused offer their excuse

After being intercepted by the police, the accused stated that they were unaware that the woman got entangled with the car as the window panes were shut and the loud music playing inside the car was the reason the woman’s cry for help failed to catch their attention. However, the explanation of the accused of the Delhi woman car accident doesn’t fit right in the scheme of things as they would have noticed her scooty hitting the car or she lying dead on the road, undressed.

The Delhi Commission of Women sprung into action as the news of the accident spread like wildfire,  demanding justice for the deceased and an independent probe into the matter so that the actual chain of events is unveiled exactly the way it unfolded and the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Update 4th Jan, 2023: The investigations into the Sultanpuri Accident on the first evening of the New Year that left the citizen’s “Heads hanged in Shame” as per the L-G of Delhi, has brought forward startling new findings that are intriguing to say the least. The CCTV footages show that the deceased was not alone in her scooty , but had someone who rode along with her on that fateful night. The pillion rider fled the scene of the accident after the car hit the scooty. She is said to be a friend of the slain Anjali Singh and had sustained minor injuries in the accident. Delhi CM, Manish Sisodia has reportedly visited the family of the deceased and offered his condolences in person and announced Rs.10 Lakhs as compensation for the family.


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