Tunisha Sharma death case: New details from accused’ family

The Tunisha Sharma death case has been in the news for quite some time now as speculations and debates are rife. New details emerging every day by way of statements and investigative findings are thickening the plot with every passing day. The latest among them is the statement that the sister of the prime accused has come up with, by way of an Instagram video to defend her brother.

Tunisha Sharma death case
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Tunisha Sharma death case: “Mutual break-up” and not “Foul Play”

Falaq Naaz, the sister of the prime accused Sheezan Khan, who is in police custody after his beau took her life on the sets of the TV show in which both of them were participating, has posted an Instagram video where she is found defending her brother. The video talks about the break-up between the deceased and the prime accused were very much as per the wish of both the concerned. The statement comes after the deceased actor had blamed her partner and her family for mistreatment on her suicide note, which is the prime reason that made her take such a drastic measure. The clarification comes after the WhatsApp chat transcripts that became known, are said to have been twisted, and hence needed justification, as per the sister of the accused and the family.

The claim made by the deceased actor on the mistreatment is supported by the fact that Tunisha was wearing a hijab during a family function, bringing the communal angle in play. The Tunisha Sharma death case does bring to light new perspectives laid out by the lawyer of Sheezan’s family lawyer in a press conference on Monday, where he accused the late actor’s former manager and uncle of mistreating her along with the family members of the deceased controlling her life and her finances. However, the authenticity of the statements is yet to be ascertained and it’s the mud-slinging of allegations and counter-allegations which is currently underway. The lawyer of the accused has blamed Tunisha’s mother Vanita Sharma for strangulating her when arguments broke out between them to counter the allegations leveled by Tunisha’s family on them. According to Sheezan’s lawyer, Shailendra Mishra, it is the family members of the deceased, who are to be blamed for the mental torture inflicted on her that drove her to such a drastic measure.

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