Protests against Pathan movie by Bajrang Dal in Gujarat

Protests against Pathan movie erupted in a multiplex in Karnavat, Gujarat after Bajrang Dal activists created a ruckus in a shopping mall where the multiplex is housed. The right-wing activist group demanded a ban on the release of the movie as they brought down the posters while chanting “Jai Shree Ram”.

Protests against Pathan movie
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Protests against Pathan movie for the controversial song

The objection of the right-wing activists against one of the most anticipated movie of the year, “ Pathan”, which is slated to release on January 25 this year, is centered around the filming and the costume used by Deepika Padukone in the song “ Besharam Rang”. According to the protestors, the costumes in the song is detrimental to their taste and culture along with the contents of the song. As a result, Bajrang Dal and few BJP leaders too have demanded a complete ban on the film. Even, the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Shri Narottam Mishra was heard saying, “The costumes in the song at first glance are objectionable. It is clearly visible that the song of the film Pathaan has been shot with a dirty mindset. I don’t think this is right, and I will tell the director and makers of the film to fix it.”

Censor Board aligned with the protestor’s demands

In view of the outrage, the CBFC ( Central Board of Film Certificate), has given in to the demands of the protestors and has directed the film crew to make necessary changes as per the directions of the Board, which includes the controversial song as well. The Head of the Board, Prasoon Joshi, quoted in front of the media, “The film recently reached the CBFC examination committee for certification. The film went through the due and thorough examination process as per the CBFC guidelines. The committee has guided the makers to implement the advised changes in the film including the songs and submit the revised version prior to theatrical release.”

A few other right-wing groups have also supported Protests against Pathan movie aligning with the demands of the Bajrang Dal and BJP, just like the Hindu Jagran Manch who staged protests in Madhya Pradesh on the same issue.

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