Netaji Subhas Birth Anniversary being Celebrated Nationwide

One of the most celebrated but underrated freedom fighter who gave an entirely new perspective to the Indian Independence movement but mysteriously disappeared and allegedly died in Oblivion is being celebrated Netaji Subhas Birth Anniversary across the nation with fervour.

Netaji Subhas Birth Anniversary
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Netaji Subhas Birth Anniversary- Freedom in arms

Netaji held a very different view of independence or freedom, very much away from the lines of non-violence and endorsed the vision of resorting to action instead of petition for what is rightfully ours. In this pursuit, he had given shape to the very first armed rebellion by forming the Indian National Army or Azad Hind Fauj, against the oppressive British Raj, as he gathered the manpower and allied with countries like Japan and Germany, also known as the Axis powers during World War 2. Even though his idea could not see through the maturity of their objective in its entirety, yet it did leave the British clueless on how to reign over a force that increased in manpower and hostility with every passing day.

The ParakramDiwas: The celebration of courage and honour.

Celebrating not only the man, but his spirit of patriotism led to the eventual naming of Netaji Subhas Birth Anniversary as ParakramDiwas.The day aims to celebrate courage and honour as an essential ingredient to take on oppression with a patriotic touch for the Motherland. It highlights the fact that patriotism is not just a matter of heart and mind, but also the soul.

As the nation honors it’s hero, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugurating a statue of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in New Delhi today and to mark the entire stretch from RashtrapatiBhawan to India Gate with the name Kartavya Path, or the road of duty towards the nation and its citizens. The road was previously known till date as Rajpath, but now it would be more of a duty towards the nation and its people rather than a symbol of Power, reflecting the very essence of democracy and freedom our hero stood for and defended to his last breath.

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