Mowalola London Fashion 2023 unveiled her fall collection

UK-based Nigerian celebrity designer Mowalola Ogunlesi made her long-awaited return to Mowalola London Fashion 2023 Week for Fall/Winter which is said to be New York-inspired, with a seemingly apocalyptic runway show held at a former university building-turned-art gallery. Mowalola Ogunlesi brought the Big Apple to the British capital, presenting a mirage of bootleg creations that pay tribute to the US metropolis.

Mowalola London Fashion 2023
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Mowalola London Fashion 2023- The theme of the show

Inspired by the apocalyptic universe, the designer envisioned a wardrobe for the end of life on Earth while taking its audience to the future through technically-enhanced graphics that speak to the current AI generation. As a tribute to NYC, unofficial New York Yankee symbols hung close to the ground and adorned ill-fitting denim missing its upper half. Likewise, nylon windbreakers were blasted with the baseball logo layered atop slouchy dress shirts and staple sweatpants.

The Mowalola London Fashion 2023 happened to be her 2nd one after she made her EU debut show in Paris last year. Ogunlesi also introduced a new style of trousers that might go viral this fall. Taking the idea of sagging trousers to the extreme, her jeans hung mid-air just above the knees, connected to a waistband hidden under hoodies. The styling of the collection echoed how people dress in NYC, according to her

The Leather Variants

But the designer hasn’t given up on leather, her favorite material. She offered a variety of designs in Mowalola London Fashion 2023 in colors like white, brown, gray, black and burgundy that ranged from jackets, long coats, trousers printed with the image of hands near private parts, long skirts hand-painted with the silhouette of jeans and miniskirts, sexy cropped tops and vests in washed leather.

In her last interview with the media sources, she confirmed that she will be implementing her concept or theme of the “Dark Web and our society on the brink of collapse”, in her designer line.

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