Mister Mummy Movie Review: Audience is Disappointed

In the Mister Mummy movie review, a guy becomes pregnant when his wife conceives their first kid. They have been married for 20 years, but Amol (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Guglu (Genelia Deshmukh) have never had a child. Guglu becomes pregnant one day. Amol is furious when she tells him she is pregnant as he dislikes children. Guglu visits her mother’s house in a rage. Here, Amol too exhibits symptoms of pregnancy. In actuality, Amol’s pregnancy is confirmed by Dr. Satsangi (Mahesh Manjrekar). What happens after that? Does Guglu give birth to the child, or does the child develop inside of Amol?

Mister Mummy Movie Review
Mister Mummy Movie Review

According to the review of Mister Mummy, Ananya Sharma has produced a crazy script that won’t appeal to many people. The sight of a pregnant man is even more repulsive. As a result, what was supposed to be funny ends up being scary!

Mister Mummy Movie Review: Star performance:

As Amol, Ritesh Deshmukh is uninspiring. As Guglu, Genelia Deshmukh performs a little below average. She wears poor makeup. Mahesh Manjrekar works extremely hard to make a comedy, but much like the humor, he fails miserably. Guglu’s father Rakesh Bedi is merely adequate. In her role as Amol’s mother, Ila Arun regularly provides assistance. Others hardly make the cut.

Direction and others:

As per Mister Mummy movie review, the direction of Shaad Ali lacks conviction. He can’t keep the audience’s response for very long. The words of Kumaar and the music of Sneha Khanvalkar are both commonplace. The choreography of Kruti Mahesh is not very noteworthy. Roy’s background music isn’t particularly memorable. The cinematography by Sunita Radia is good. Kevin Smith’s choreography for the action and stunt segments lacks fire. The production styling by Sharmishtha Roy is adequate. The editing by Vaishnavi Krishnan is decently precise.

Mister Mummy will generally be disregarded at the conceptual stage itself. It will draw criticism and possibly mockery from the audience.

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