Jerry Springer, legendary TV talk show host, passed away

Jerry Springer, legendary talk show host, and former Mayor of Cincinnati, passed away on Thursday, as per family sources. The family also confirmed that the former Mayor passed away at home after a bout with cancer.

Jerry Springer – The Life and Times

Jerry Springer is often referred to as the father of Reality TV shows. The show went by his name, “The Jerry Springer Show” and the late TV host had presented it for 21 seasons. He was very much known to bring out the inner emotions of the participants and in the current season, aired the fight of two sisters, one of them confessing to sleeping with the other sister’s boyfriend, leading to a fight on TV.

Jerry Springer
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Springer has earned a law degree from Northwestern University in 1968 and started his political career soon after as he contested and won the City Council Elections as the Mayor. But he was soon embroiled in the type of personal scandal that would later fuel his talk show: He resigned in 1974 after he was found to have written a check for prostitution services at a Kentucky massage parlor.

Jerry Springer – Condolences pour in

“Springer allowed American television to move toward an acceptance of poverty and bigotry and misogyny as not problems to be solved but personal foibles that other people should mock and parody,” said Jennifer Pozner, media critic and author of Reality Bites Back. Vulnerable people were used as the “butt of the joke”, she said.

“The Jerry Springer Show is a product of a particular time when mainstream network television considered it extremely appropriate to bandy about bigotry and misogyny,” Pozner said. “There is a different kind of awareness among the general public now that certain types of things are not socially acceptable if you’re a decent person.”

Some critics also claim that the content presented by him didn’t really adhere to the moral principles that governed society. The critics also went to the extent of canceling the show as well and prevailed. Jerry Springer had also been a part of Dancing with the Stars and America’s got talent.


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