Instagram Story hiding on iPhone or Apple devices

Social media users, at times, might need to filter their list of friends to whom they would like to share their stories or posts. Since users generally have their friends and acquaintances included in their Instagram profiles, not always do they feel like sharing their posts with everyone. This article deals with sharing an Instagram story with customized viewers and the process to do so on iPhone.

Instagram Story

Sharing Instagram Story with selected users on iPhone

Sharing Instagram Story with selected viewers and the process of doing so on iPhone is described in detail below:

The process to hide Instagram Story on iPhone

  • Launch the Instagram App on iPhone
  • Click on the profile picture and select the Hamburger menu
  • Click Settings and Privacy and select Hide Story and Live

Instagram Story

  • Click Hide Story and Live from option and select the users who should be excluded

Instagram Story

  • Click Done to confirm.

Hide Instagram Story from someone after posting

  • Click on Your Story and then More and then click on Story Settings

Instagram Story

  • Choose Hide Story from and Select the users to be excluded from the list
  • Click Done to confirm the same.
  • To restore the same, deselecting the users from the List should reset the setting.

Hide Instagram Story using Close Friend List

  • Launch the Instagram App and click on the Profile Icon and then select the Hamburger Menu.
  • Click Settings and Privacy and click on Close friends in the list and then select the Users to add to the Close Friend List.
  • Select the users to be included and Click Done to confirm the same.

Advantages of Hiding Instagram Story

The stories or posts intended for specific people can be shared with the target audience if this filter of selecting the users for viewing the stories is exercised. It also helps in exclusivity and unwanted users from viewing the post or the stories and ensures that the stories reach only the target audience intended.


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