Ashish Vidyarthi gets married again at age-defying 57 years

Ashish Vidyarthi gets married again at age-defying 57 years proving age is just a number, as per media reports.  The infamous thespian and celluloid screen actor married Rupali Barua after months of courtship. The actor was previously married to Rajoshi Barua with whom he had a son named Arth. The snaps of the marriage as uploaded by the actor on Instagram created furore among his fans and admirers. His ex-wife, however, shared cryptic posts as a reaction to the marriage of her ex-husband.

Ashish Vidyarthi marriage
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Ashish Vidyarthi marriage

The video uploaded by the actor on his social media handle went viral within seconds. In the video, Ashish Vidyarthi quoted, “All of us want to be happy. So, about 22 years back, Piloo and I met and we got married, and it was a great one. We had Arth who is now is now 22, and he’s working.

But, for the last two years, after this beautiful phase, Piloo and I felt that how we saw the future was slightly different from one another. Yes, we tried our best to sort out the differences, but then we discovered that the differences can be sorted out but it would be in a way that one of us will impose on the other and that would take away the happiness. Happiness is all we want, right?”

Ashish Vidyarthi marriage – Ex-wife responds

Ashish Vidyarthi’s ex-wife Rajoshi, also known by Piloo reacted to the posts of her ex-husband saying, “The right one will not make you question what you mean to them. They will not do what they know hurts you. Remember that .” In another post, Piloo seems to be agreeing with how overthinking will ruin calmness in life. The post read, “You’ve been strong long enough. it’s time to start receiving your blessings. You deserve it .”

She also happened to drop a photo of herself captioning it as “ Don’t get puzzled in the puzzle called LIFE”.