Green comet real time, a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon

The Green comet is a comet that was discovered last year and is been visible from our skies which is named as the Green Comet C/2022 E3. Basically, the Green comet real time viewed in the Northern sky. It is marked by its unique green nucleus and long tail, which tends to be faint. It could be the very first time that the comet is and will be visible to humans since it might take another few thousand years to reappear and hence is categorized to be a very rare celestial happening.

Green comet real time
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Green comet real time view: C/2022 E3

Refreshing our astronomical knowledge, Comets are celestial objects made out of dust and ice particles circling the Sun. The C/2022 E3 comet is currently making it to the trending news as it is currently passing through the earth and will be visible from the Earth’s surface, not through the naked eye, but through a Telescope. The name of the comet does explain a lot on its findings, for example, C/2022 E3 means that it’s a Comet (C), as defined by the initial C and discovered in 2022. The E3 beside in the name denotes that it is supposedly the third comet discovered in the fifth half month of the year (E denotes the 5th alphabet). The Green comet real time is currently crossing our northern skies and is well placed in the evening and a clear sky will be needed to see it.

Naming the Comet

Generally, Comets are actually named after the person who discovered it. For example, Halley’s Comet was discovered by Edmund Halley and hence named after him. The C/2022 E3 Green Comet has been discovered by the Zwicky Transient Facility based at Polamar Observatory in California, United States Of America, which scans the skies regularly for any moving undiscovered objects in the night sky. Currently, newly discovered comets are found by automated searches conducted by organizations such as the Zwicky Transient Facility.

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