Pamela Anderson love story with Motley Crue lead Tommy Lee

The Pamela Anderson love story nude sex tape leaked by an electrician who got fired while working at the Motley Crue home of Tommy Lee, had stolen the sex tape and distributed them after making several copies of the same. This incident made the news headline on social media.

Pamela Anderson love story
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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee romance

The duo met each other on a vacation and in a couple of months were out holidaying together. A few days into the vacation, the couple decided to get married but things didn’t unfold into a positive experience by the time they returned from the vacation to California. However, Pamela had embraced motherhood with Tommy out of wedlock and by the time they parted ways in 1998, they were parenting 2 sons, Brendon and Gleeshan.

Pamela Anderson love story: The fallout

After the news of the video that was shot by the couple during their holiday at Lake Mead containing quite a few cozy and personal moments took the world by storm even after the couple filed a $10 million lawsuit to stop the circulation of the video. However, the lawsuit was eventually dropped considering its futility and after almost 20 years of the happening of this incident, Pamela had quoted in a media interaction that she never made a single penny from the leaked video. Pamela had confirmed in quite a few media interactions that the tape leak had taken a toll on her as she reached an all time low during her career.


  1. Who leaked Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape?

Ans: A scorned electrician working at the home of Motley Crue lead vocalist Tommy Lee stole and leaked their sex tape.

  1. Who did Pamela Anderson marry?

Ans: Pamela Anderson Married rock group Motley Crue lead member Tommy Lee.

  1. How much is Pamela Anderson’s net worth?

Ans: Pamela Anderson has a reported net worth of $20 million as of 2023.

  1. In which year did Pamela Anderson’s sex tape make public?

Ans: Pamela Anderson’s sex tape was made public in the year 1995.

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