The Role of Graphic Design in UX/UI Design

The Role of Graphic Design in UX/UI Design

Graphic designers’ demands continue to grow by 7% from the previous year, and salaries are competitive in this field. So, everyone nowadays wants to become a designer. But the question is, is he aware of the basic role of graphic designing? In today’s technological era, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design have become … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy game launch is the latest in e-gaming universe

Harry Potter and Hogwarts makes their gaming debut

Hogwarts Legacy game launch is the latest video game to hit the markets based on the long anticipated Harry Potter and his exploits. After a long wait, the Harry Potter franchise is here to take its fans and admirers on a fantasy ride to the Hogwarts School of Wizard and Witchcraft. The recently released game … Read more

Battle royale game on Android and PC’s that are trending

Battle royale game

The words “Entertainment” and “Fantasy” has always caught the attention of the masses irrespective of age, gender and occupation, especially when both words are combined together. With the advent of gaming as a genre that rose exponentially PC’s and Laptops gaming evolved as a way of life, especially for youngsters. The advent of the Internet … Read more

Create a Lasting Impact with Excellent Brand Logo

When searching for the best logo design company, many factors should be evaluated, including the company’s competence, professional skills, prior work and experience, and affordability. Unfortunately, there are numerous companies out there who pretend to be designers yet utilize cheap graphics to make their logos. If a thorough inquiry is not conducted, it may be … Read more