Battle royale game on Android and PC’s that are trending

The words “Entertainment” and “Fantasy” has always caught the attention of the masses irrespective of age, gender and occupation, especially when both words are combined together. With the advent of gaming as a genre that rose exponentially PC’s and Laptops gaming evolved as a way of life, especially for youngsters. The advent of the Internet and its eventual resonance among the masses along with hi-tech gadgets like consoles etc, where the multiplayer options were explored, defined a new horizon for the gaming industry with smartphones taking it to a totally different level altogether. Amongst all the popular gaming genres, action games happen to be the most sought after one, especially at a multiplayer level where players can connect to each other across the globe, playing the same game.  Battle royale game happens to define the same genre in the action games category within the multiplayer action game horizon that involves battling for survival in challenging environments.

Battle royale game
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Battle royale game: The most popular ones

  1. Fortnite: One of the most trendsetting names in gaming, as far as its popularity and commercial success is concerned, with a few user-defined options that make it stand out from the rest.
  2. PUBG: Undoubtedly the best of all, this game comes a close second to Fortnite. With more than a billion players across the globe, and growing, this game can be termed as the “ One for the masses”.
  3. Garena Free Fire: Considered to be an alternative to Fortnite, this third-person multiplayer game can accommodate up to 50 players in a single instance with a wide range of character customization options.
  4. Call of Duty Mobile: With various versions of the game in the market, the mobile version promises to be one of the most craved mobile games. With a wide range of weapon and character customizations and game modes, it is a HIT amongst the wide range of Battle royale games.
  5. Apex Legends Mobile: Unlike the others, this game can be toggled from first person and third person shooter modes and a standalone version is available on mobile platforms. The economic and marketing prospects of the game promises to overwhelm even PUBG and Fortnite.

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