Georgia Party Gunfire leaves 2 dead and 6 injured among teens

A Georgia Party Gunfire in Douglas County, Georgia at a house party that had more than 100 teenagers, left 2 dead and 6 injured. The shooting took place on Saturday, 4th March 2023 around 10.30 pm- 11.30 pm. The news of the shooting and the reported casualties have been confirmed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to the media.

Georgia Party Gunfire
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Georgia Party Gunfire – How it unfolded

The Georgia Party Gunfire, that left 2 dead and 6 injured, at a party has its investigation currently in progress by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. The incident took place on Saturday night around 10.30 pm -11.30 pm. However, the investigators are yet to zero-in on the actual culprit as yet and no arrests have been made so far.

Not much details have emerged on the aforesaid shooting as yet, even after 24 hours of the tragic incident. The investigators are working on the actual chain of events that unfolded, resulting in the shooting. They have been interrogating a few potential witnesses and working on the information provided by them for a breakthrough.

Statements made by the investigators about Georgia Party Gunfire

“We know that there was a house party where well over a hundred teenagers were attending. A confrontation occurred that resulted in two deaths and six injured from gunshots. Information is very limited at this time,” the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement posted to social media Sunday morning.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office has not yet divulged the names of the deceased in the unfortunate incident. However, they have confirmed that the deceased is 18 years old. Officials confirm that the shooting resulted after a confrontation among those in the party, but they are yet to gather further details on the same including the ones responsible for the Georgia Party Gunfire.

The owner of the home told WXIA they held a Sweet 16 party for their daughter and they chose to end the party at 10:00 p.m., claiming some of the attendees were smoking marijuana.


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