Alex Murdaugh found guilty of murder for wife and son

Alex Murdaugh, District Attorney of South Carolina, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting his wife and son to death. The verdict, which was delivered on Thursday, 2nd March 2023 found the accused guilty of two counts of murder in a trial that lasted 6 weeks.

Alex Murdaugh
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Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of murdering his wife and son

The jury was in discussion for about 3 hours to deliver the verdict on the case. The disgraced District Attorney of South Carolina was also convicted in two counts for using fire weapons while committing a crime. The sentencing will be delivered on Friday, 3rd March 2023 and is expected to serve a 30-year imprisonment for the 54 year old lawyer.

“Justice was done today,” prosecutor Creighton Waters said after the verdict. “It doesn’t matter who your family is. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or people think you have. It doesn’t matter what you think how prominent you are. If you do wrong, if you break the law, if you murder, then justice will be done in South Carolina.”

How it all unfolded for the disgraced DA Alex Murdaugh

Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of using a fire weapon to murder his wife, Maggie Murdaugh, all of 52 along with his son Paul Murdaugh. Both mother and son died and succumbed to the wounds of the gunshot on 7th June 2023. The fateful incident happened on the family’s sprawling Moselle hunting estate in South Carolina’s Lowcountry region.

Alex happened to be a very influential attorney in the state of South Carolina and was a member of one of the very famous and prominent families in the United States.

Alex Murdaugh – The Verdict

The Judge for the case, Clifton Newman was literally overwhelmed after the sequence of incidents pointed towards the District Attorney as the one responsible for executing the gruesome crime. However, the prosecutor didn’t appeal for a death sentence for the convict and hence a 30 year prison term was imposed.

Defense attorney Jim Griffin said law enforcement was biased against Alex Murdaugh from early on — adding that they later fabricated evidence against him. Pulling at threads of the prosecution’s case, Griffin said state investigators “failed miserably in investigating this case.”


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