Best practices before sleeping to avoid health disorders

An alternative to the age old saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, can definitely be “A good night’s sleep after a busy day, can keep a lot of problems at bay”, pointing out that the benefits of sound sleep are not only restricted to regaining energy levels, but also act as an insulator to a lot of health issues.  The benefits of adequate sound sleep can extend towards avoiding risks of heart ailments, obesity along with quite a few mental and psychological disorders. It also contributes to the effective functioning of the physiological systems and contributes to the overall health and wellness factors.  Hence,  a few Best practices before sleeping that as advised by physicians and health experts can be taken into consideration to a healthy mind and a healthy body.

Best practices before sleeping
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Best practices before sleeping: Tips and Tricks

  1. Avoid using mobile phones: Experts confirm that using phones before sleeping can hamper the same quantitatively and qualitatively. It not only cuts down on sleep time but also reduces the depth of it. The lights from the phones that is directed towards our eyes as a result of using the phone, not only delay in the initiation of the sleeping process but also its quality and it acts as a hindrance to sound sleep contributing to a major step that needs to be followed as Best practices before sleeping.


  1. Practicing a few Yogic postures: A few selected yoga postures before sleep can ensure proper digestion as well as soothes the nerve that contributes positively to the sleeping cause. However, overdoing the entire process can result in negative consequences with regard to sleep.


  1. Avoiding Caffeine: Consuming caffeine-rich beverages like tea or coffee before sleeping, can act as a deterrent to the entire sleep cycle. Hence, health experts strongly discourage caffeine intake before going to bed.


  1. Avoiding heavy meal: Doctors always discourage heavy meals before sleep since too much calorie consumption can contribute to complications in the digestion process at night as well as raises body temperatures, thereby hampering the sleep cycle. For the same reason, having a light dinner, that too a few hours before going to bed is a healthy practice.


Apart from the above tips, listening to the soothing music of one’s choice can ease out the nerves thereby effectively enhancing and optimizing the sleep cycle. However, it should be noted that if the above steps don’t help an individual to achieve the desired outcome related to sleeping, health experts should be consulted at the earliest.

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