Modi on Brazil riots condemn the brazen attacks on Democracy

The recent political chaos that has ensued in Brazil has been termed as a threat to Democracy by most world leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi on Brazil riots expressed his concerns with the recent developments in Brazil. The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro refused to concede his defeat even after the general elections revealed figures that suggest the people’s mandate is against him.

Modi on Brazil riots
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Modi on Brazil riots: Background of the unrest

The current political unrest that has gripped quite a few parts of this Latin American country including its capital city  Brasilia, is said to have been triggered after the inauguration of the current President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The supporters of the outgoing President resorted to violent measures as they refused to accept the people’s mandate that in the General Elections. The former president’s supporters, in thousands, got into the Presidential palace by force and tried to ransack the building. Their attacks however, were not limited to the Presidential palace only but spread across the buildings in which the other ministries are housed causing widespread terror and chaos. Clashes ensued as the security forces tried to fend off the supporters of Jair Bolsonaro as they breached the security protocols and wrecked havoc. However, the security forces were heavily outnumbered as against the rebels as they broke through the barriers of the palace and gathered on the roofs to take control. The cause of the unrest is being attributed to the results of the General Elections that concluded last year, where the former President was narrowly defeated by the current one as allegations of manipulation resonated across the ranks.

World leaders criticize the attacks

The present situation in Brazil has drawn the ire of most World leaders spread across continents. US President Joe Biden has assured help to the current government to tame the unrest. Modi on Brazil riots too said that he is “ Deeply Concerned” with the way things are unfolding in Brazil.

It is to be noted that bears a stark resemblance to the protests that ensued in the US after Donald Trump lost his presidency to Joe Biden and Trump’s supporters stormed the US Capitol Building. Jair Bolsonaro also happens to be a close ally of the former US President Donald Trump.

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