AR Rahman Birthday Music Maestro of the modern era

A R Rahman or Dileep Kumar as he was known by before he stunned the world with his talent as a musician and composer, hailed from a very humble background. Winner of multiple prestigious awards not only at the National Level , but also Internationally he has gone on to redefine the word music in his own terms. AR Rahman Birthday, is celebrated by his fans not only in India, but globally too. The world famous musician even has a street named after him in Ontario, Canada, signifying the impact and popularity as well as the respect he commands.

AR Rahman Birthday, Music Maestro of the modern era
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AR Rahman Birthday: A rags-to-riches story

He was born in a humble social background but he was born in a family that wasn’t a stranger to music. His father R K Shekhar was a composer by profession and he was introduced to music at very early age of 4 when he started learning piano playing. This happened to be the start of a tale that would go on to sweep his listeners off their feet. However, his father’s untimely death when A R Rahman was only 9 years old made him sacrifice his education to support his family by way of earning. However, his determination and love for rhythmic world, and subsequent recognition of his talent got him admitted to the Madras Christian College Higher Secondary School , from where his journey to enthrall the world took shape. However, he dropped out of college as he formed a musical band and devoted himself totally to music, away from the conventional education.

Taking the world by storm

After spending sometime composing ad music and background scores for a few documentaries, he got his first break in the Mani Ratnam movie “Roja”, where he composed the soundtrack after being approached by the latter in 1992. His very first break carried the footmark of a genius in the making and he got his first National Award for Music Director for this very film and the rest, as they say , is history. With Slumdog Millionaire in 2008, came his first Academy Awards , although he was a household name at the national level by then. This AR Rahman Birthday, lets take a while to ponder upon how as the Musician with a Mida’s Touch, has influenced our lives and we wish him a Very Happy Birthday and hope he continues to make music that becomes the way of life for his listeners.

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