Babo Intimate Video leaked in social media platforms

Babo Intimate Video, or the lead singer and founder of the band, Cartel de Santa, Babo, has become a familiar name as his music videos came to the public eye very recently. The courtesy of this publicity is however, is due to an unauthorized leak that happened in his OnlyFans account. The video has been criticized and appreciated as per the taste of the Netizens, which involves the restructuring of his genitals.

Babo Intimate Video
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Babo Intimate Video – The physical and physiological side

A technique used for restructuring the genitals of a person has been put to use by the physicians in order to accommodate the change. The medical term given to it is called Pearling, which involves the insertion of pearl beads inside the foreskin of the genital part. As explained by the expert, “This chatter is called Pearling, it is about lifting the skin of the penis, you cross it and insert a marble, pearl, Teflon. When that mother gets erect, well, they look at the marbles all the time. “ It is widely believed by experts that such a process might increase the possibility of sexual pleasure during the penetration. Babo confirms that the entire design has been the handiwork of his own imagination, which has led to the reconstruction of the genital. As per Babo, “The marbles above are when they are in frontal positions with the girl, they stimulate the g-spot. When you are in positions where the girl is facing away from you, the bottom three also hit the g-spot. The “ribs”, or ribs, are on the edges of the penis, to stimulate the woman’s inner lips,”

The Controversy Around It

As per Mexican laws, sharing videos or pictures of a person without the knowledge of the concerned or against their own will does constitute a crime. Hence, the leak of Babo Intimate Video of the music video album “Think Of Me”, can attract charges that can range between bullying and/or sexual harassment that can lead to a prison sentence of up to six years.

Hence, perpetrators do face the possibility of legal prosecution and prison term if the concerned person/s is identified and justice is served.

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