Anika Noni Rose wedding with Jason Dirden is now public

The voice of Disney’s acclaimed, “The Princess and the Frog”, Anika Noni Rose wedding with Jason Dirden happened in a private ceremony in October 2022. Even though a bit late as far as the sharing of the wedding pics is concerned, they did make it to the social media platforms recently. Needless to say, the pics were stunning as ever as the bride showed up in a custom gown by London-based designer Gbemi Okunlola of Alonuko Bridal. After dating for a few years, the couple got engaged in December 2021 before tying the knot in October 2022.

Anika Noni Rose wedding – The backdrop

The actress shared Anika Noni Rose wedding pics for the first time of her marriage with Jason Dirden which took place in Paramour Estate, California. The actress, in her 50’s tied the knot with the groom who is about eight years younger than her after being engaged for almost a year. According to the bride, they met for the first time in 2014 during the shooting of A Raising in the Sun for Broadway Productions. “We were friends for a couple of years, actually,” Anika says, but the timing just wasn’t right. “We both went off and did our own things and were disconnected for a while and then swung back.” A few years later, they had the timing down pat. “It was the right moment for both of us to be open and available for the possibility of what we have now,” Jason explains.

Anika Noni Rose wedding with Jason Dirden is now public
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No matter how late, we wish the couple a very happy life together, “Till death do us apart”!


1. Where did Anika Noni Rose feature on Netflix?
Ans:- Anita Noni Rose was a part of the cast in the Netflix series “ Maid”.

2. What is Anita Rose’s net worth?
Ans:- As per sources, she has a net worth of $1.4 million.

3. Why is the Tiana name associated with Anika Noni Rose?
Ans:- In the animated movie, “ The Princess and the Frog”, she has given the voiceover for the character named Tiana.

4. What is the name of Anika Noni Rose’s husband?
Ans:- Anika Noni Rose’s husband’s name is Jason Dirden.

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