Nepal Plane Crash live footage from inside the plane of 15 January 2023

Almost the whole world is at awe and distraught by the unexpected crash of the Yeti Airlines that crash-landed near Pokhara in Nepal. The passengers onboard included 5 Indians too, who happened to have lost their lives as the as the plane lay scattered near the banks of the river Seti. This Nepal Plane Crash is supposedly the worst that happened in Nepal in the last 30 years as far as its horror quotient is concerned as none of the passengers or crew members survived the crash.

Nepal Plane Crash
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Nepal Plane Crash – The Video Footage

The Yeti Airlines’ 9N-ANC ATR-72 flight that took off from Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport at 10:33 am, and crashed minutes after between the new and the old airport, killing everyone on board. The video footage taken by one of the Indian passengers just before the plane crashed and caught fire is available to us, recounts the moments of peace and laughter seconds before fate turns the table on them. It is heart wrenching to see that the video shooter was not aware of the happening that wait for the next few seconds. The video does reveal how suddenly the plane caught fire within a fraction of a second.

Families recount the horror

The father of one of the deceased flight attendants, Oshin Ale Magar, who was due to return home after her duty hours, recounted how her daughter had promised him of her participation in the family celebration. The father, a retired Indian Army personnel rues the fact that he had asked his daughter not to attend work on that fateful day, but the flight attendant refused.

The Nepal Plane Crash on Sunday supersedes the Pakistan Airlines crash that happened in 1992 where it killed all 167 passengers and crew members who were onboard while trying to land at the Kathmandu Airport. Nepal does have a history of quite a few plane crashes and is counted as one of the most risk prone flying zones in the world.

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