Maya Moore Irons retirement announced at her book launch

The saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction” could not have a better illustration than the story of Maya Moore Irons retirement, and her husband Jonathan Moore. Starting with falling in love with a convict and in the pursuit of justice leaving her career in its very prime, to finally ensuring that justice is served and her husband is freed after 23.5 years of wrongful conviction, the narrative can bring any other Hollywood love story to its knees.

Maya Moore Irons retirement
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Maya Moore Irons retirement – Seeking Justice

The tale of undying love and devotion, penned by Maya Moore Irons in her book, “Love and Justice – A story of Triumph on Two Different Courts” was released very recently that relates to the woman’s quest to ensure justice for her wrongfully convicted a husband and leaving out her NBA (National Basketball Association) career when she was at her prime can both wrench and motivate hearts and minds at one go. Maya Moore Irons retirement comes at a time when she triumphed in her almost single handed mission to ensure the fight for justice for her husband in legal court leaving out her career in the basketball court.

Justice delayed, but not denied

Jonathan Irons was tried and convicted as an adult, at a time when he was just 16 years old, by an all-white jury whose prejudiced sense of judgment ensured that Jonathan’s conviction is ensured. Hence, important evidence was also not taken into account for the armed burglary and shooting incident. He however, maintained his innocence right from the very beginning. It was only after 23 years that the judgment was overturned and the prisoner released as an important piece of evidence was not handed over to the defense lawyer in the case. Maya and Jonathan met in 2007 for the first time while she was a freshman in the University of Connecticut and a friendship ensued. Maya left her WNBA career when she was in her prime to fight for justice to be served to Jonathan and the long standing struggle ended after 23 years. Both husband and wife were present at the book launch, that depicts the struggle both of them went through to ensure justice even though delayed, is not denied forever. In the same event, Maya also announced her retirement from the game as well.

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