Urfi Javed blue dress creates outrage among netizens

The latest controversy queen Urfi Javed is once again in the limelight. Known for her bold dresses and even bolder tongue, she has always been the talk of the town for good reasons or bad. However, she remains unfazed by such comments or criticisms and goes about treading the same path, she deems fit. The latest controversial theme is surrounding the Urfi Javed blue dress, which was posted on her social media handle, revealing most of her body parts.

Urfi Javed blue dress
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Urfi Javed blue dress – Pics go viral

Urfi posed as a fairy with blue wings, just enough to cover her essentials in her upper coupled with a blue skirt to just about cover the bottom not only got appreciated and trolled but also was the subject of outrage among a large section of netizens. Even though, the controversies quoted by her has even dragged Urfi to the court and there are quite a few cases that are pending, she remains unfazed and her reply to her critics always lies in her dress, rather than the lack of it. Urfi Javed blue dress as seen in the recent pics, she almost bares it all with her latest curved feather dress which raised questions among a lot of critics who question her intent and the objective of her dresses. Few even went to the extent of questioning the significance of the wings that covers her body part, but only just. It might be the devil’s horns or just her reply to those who criticize her for what she is. This is not the first time when she has quoted controversy with her attire. A few days ago, she had posted her pics on the social media handle where she was seen wearing an attire made of plastic. It might be she wants to convey the uselessness and the pollution attached to the material.


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