What About Love Review of the movie as per critics

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What About Love Review
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What About Love Review – Star cast and release dates

What About Love Review of the movie talks about this romantic drama directed by Klaus Menzel with the screenplay written by Menzel and Douglas Day Stewart. The movie casts Sharon Stone, Andy Garcia and Iain Glen along with Rosabell Laurenti Sellers as Young Girl. The movie was slated to release much earlier but suffered a setback owing to the pandemic.

What About Love Review – Storyline

The storyline of the movie happens to be a very unique one, where a young couple decided to spend the summer in Europe with a mission to film the general impression and attitude of the people towards love. While they were already into it, they realized that they were actually filming their own personal story, as tragedy struck the couple. The movie deals with the exploits of the couple henceforth as to how they faced the challenge.

What About Love Review as per critics

The What About Love Review of the movie takes up a common genre with an uncommon twist which is very much unexpected to the audience. The surprise is actually the USP of the movie which gets unfolded while they were starting to get used to the script. Power-packed performance by almost all the lead actors and those in the support does justice to the narrative of the movie. The narrative can be considered to be very engaging and keeps the audience hooked to their seats. Overall, it is a family entertainer that can be considered as a must-watch.

The scientific explanations coupled with the biological essence are what makes the movie very much different from its counterparts. The emotional expressions of the movie are definitely a class apart. Hence, the What About Love Review can be graded as one of the top-notch in the present times.


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