Tucker Carlson fired by Fox News after Dominion lawsuit

Tucker Carlson was fired by Fox News after the Dominion lawsuit made the news network pay $787 million in settlements based on misinformation regarding the 2020 elections. Tucker Carlson was the host of one of the most popular shows on Fox News as a prime-time host and a prominent figure on American rights.

Tucker Carlson
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Tucker Carlson and Fox News parting ways

The parting of one of the most profitable prime-time partnerships in the history of American Television is said to have been triggered by the Dominion Lawsuit that made Fox News cough up a whopping $787 million where Carlson’s show had figured prominently in spreading misinformation on the 2020 elections.

Mr. Carlson’s program became a must-watch for conservatives during the presidency of Donald J. Trump, an ideological ally and occasional confidant of Mr. Carlson’s. Both men helped push hard-right positions on issues like immigration reform and race relations into the Republican mainstream, and both relished antagonizing their political opponents with audacious and often untrue attacks.

Fox News on the damage control mode

Even though Carlson’s show was the highest-rated one not only for Fox News but also in the history of American Prime Time television viewing, the alleged controversy and the misinformation or false propaganda led to the end of a dream run in the TV industry.  The decision to let Mr. Carlson go was made on Friday night by Lachlan Murdoch, the chief executive officer of Fox Corporation and the son of its co-founder, Rupert Murdoch, and by Suzanne Scott, chief executive of Fox News Media, according to a person briefed on the move.

The move was not something that was planned well in advance but was informed to Tucker Carlson on short notice along with his Senior Executive Producer.

The Tucker Carlson Show will be replaced by a temporary stand-in show featuring the Fox News personalities on a rotational basis, till the network can come up with a preferable alternative. Brian Kilmeade was the first host on Monday night, but he said little of Mr. Carlson beyond wishing him well.