The Last Of Us breaks the taboos of human physiology

The Last Of Us series has put a step in the right direction as it include topics or references of menstruation which was once banned by the National Broadcasters Association till 1972. At that time, it was deemed unsuitable for viewers across age group to view or hear about subjects that are an essential and natural human physiological activity.

The Last Of Us
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The Last Of Us: How it turned the tables on the Taboos

Even though it has been a natural human phenomenon of those from Venus, for some unknown reason talking about it in public was a strict no-no. It was put across as a social stigma and something unhygienic to the human vocabulary. Not only on TV, but also during face-to-face conversations, the same was deemed to be more of a crime than a normal phenomenon.

The new upcoming series, The Last Of Us, have invaded those unchartered territories through little but steady steps by accommodating the matter or issues related to it with a few short references. For instance, finding a box of Tampax Pearls or Tampoons, which first hit the market in 2002. (And with good reason: Tampax Pearls were a revelation, and used plastic instead of cardboard for the applicator, which is much more comfortable!) The Last of Us writers take things a step in the right direction by spreading the awareness, when Ellie gets a DivaCup.

DivaCup was the only major manufacturer of menstrual cups at the time, but they certainly weren’t mainstream. Maria, Tommy’s wife, must have been shopping at crunchy health food stores before the pandemic.

 Menstrual Cups as Lifesaver

In an apocalyptic world where tampons are regarded as a trophy, a menstrual cup is a lifesaver — the most underrated apocalypse tool. Menstrual cups can be kept in for longer than tampons, up to 12 hours before they needs to be emptied and cleaned. It’s a boon in the apocalypse, where life can be unpredictable and chaotic. No one has time to change a tampon every few hours while fighting mushroom-headed infected!

Understanding the fact that menstrual accessories are a way of life rather than some dirt object or social stigma, The Last Of Us has set a trend which should be adopted and explored for a better and more mature society.

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