The Kerala Story Movie screening banned by WB Government

The Kerala Story Movie has been banned by the State government of West Bengal terming the facts depicted in the movie as “distorted”. The move has been termed by some as a counter to the recent removal of the Mughal Empire history from the school books, a decision taken by the Central Government.

The Kerala Story Movie – Representation or misrepresentation of facts

The Kerala Story Movie is said to portray the true story who are allegedly lured through “love jihad” to get them converted to Islam and eventually join the terrorist organization ISIS in Syria and the middle east. The movie, directed by Sudipta Sen, is said to have towed the lines of the Kashmiri files movie of the acclaimed director Vivek Agnihotri. The script is said to have been inspired by true facts as per the film crew, but has sent shockwaves across the nation considering the events portrayed in the movie.

As per news coming some opposition told that the movie has been graded as propaganda of sorts and is being depicted as a way to polarise voters in India, especially when the Parliament elections are knocking on the doors.

The Kerala Story Movie
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The Kerala Story Movie – Polarisation and vote banks

Citizens across the state and the nation have been very critical and distraught by the decision announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and are connecting the decision by the State Government as a damage control measure to keep her minority votes intact just before the Panchayat Elections this year, followed by the Parliament elections in 2024.

The West Bengal Chief Minister has criticized the facts of The Kerala Story Movie in public terming it as a misrepresentation of facts, just like the movie, The Kashmir Files, and used this notion as the excuse for banning the screening of the movie in the State. The move has been criticized by the opponents as a part of her desperate efforts to regain and consolidate her minority vote bank which has been steadily decaying in recent times. The opposition leaders have been criticizing her move as one that infringes on the fundamental rights of the citizens of the state or the country.

The Chief Minister on her press meet said that the Kashmir Files or The Kerala Story Movie is an effort to humiliate a certain section of the citizens through the narrative of the movie. She has criticized the opposition as a group who are supposedly spreading communal hatred in an otherwise peaceful state as far as religious or political polarizations are concerned.  Even though it hasn’t been explicitly expressed, but the move to ban the movie comes after the Central Government had announced its intentions to remove the Mughal Empire history from the school books in the country.

The opposition as well as the Central ministers have accused her of keeping the truth away from the eyes and minds of the citizens of the country. The Supreme Court of India and the Chief Justice of India has however refused to intervene in the matter.

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