Teen Mom Ryan Arrested for illegally violating court orders

Ryan Edwards of the “Teen Mom” fame was arrested for violating an Order of Protection filed by his wife earlier. Teen Mom Ryan Arrested after his wife reported the violation to Hamilton County Police.

Teen Mom Ryan Arrested
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Teen Mom Ryan Arrested: The backdrop

The arrest came shortly after the “Teen Mom” starrer Ryan Edwards was reported by his wife to the concerned law enforcement officials for violating an order of protection. The accused had been blamed with circulating revealing pictures of his wife over the social media, as confirmed by the Hamilton County Police’s official spokesperson. They also confirmed that the teen mom Ryan arrested. The star was also served documented orders for vacating the residence currently occupied by him and his wife, with immediate effect.

The blame and the claims

As claimed and blamed by his wife, seconded further by the concerned Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, the pictures circulated by Ryan on the social media platform Instagram, may not be the nude pictures of his wife, but they were definitely revealing as per decency standards. During HCSO’s conversation with the wife, it was discovered that Edwards had violated the order of protection by contacting her father on Thursday, advising him to let his wife know he would be at the residence that same day to gather his belongings.

Action was taken against the accused

Teen Mom Ryan arrested after the warrant was taken out against him on 8th February 2023. After learning of the warrant, HCSO deputies responded to a residence located on Morning Glory Drive near Harrison Bay State Park to attempt to arrest Edwards on the outstanding warrant.

During the arrest, The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said that Edwards was searched and found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia and two bags of suspected narcotics.

Edwards was booked into the Silverdale Detention Center on the above possession charges as well apart from the existing ones.

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