Sonoma best 6 features in macOS to be known to all

Sonoma is currently the Operating System used in macOS that happen to populate Apple Computers. The name happens to be derived from a county in California in the heart of the state of California, which is known for its wine manufacturing. Upgrades of the Operating System are being provided by Apple to ensure a top-notch experience for the users and a few of the features that happen to be the star attraction of the Sonoma OS are detailed below:

Sonoma New Screensavers

The screensavers happen to be the star attraction of the macOS that portray the scenic beauty of American nature to the world and on their screen. The scenes include the mountains of Siera Alabama to the coasts of the Pacific in California. The new screensavers feature slow-motion screensavers of breathtaking views from places around the globe for its users. They run even when the user is not active and settles when the user is logged back in.

Interactive Widgets of the macOS

Widgets happen to provide the most recent info from the apps, but they are more suited for iPhones and iPads. However, in this version, the widgets can be accessed from anywhere on the Desktop. They also happen to fade and blend perfectly with the desktop and they don’t intrude on your current viewing content. The Continuity feature also helps in accessing the widgets from the system without using the phone or the iPad.

Widgets of the macOS

Game Mode in Sonoma

Mac was not known to be the master, as far as Gaming systems were concerned. However, with Apple Silicon, the same can be put to rest since it can now e considered a gaming machine. The Game Mode in this OS happens to give top priority to Mac’s CPU and GPU which ensures a smoother experience on the cards with the latency time cut to a minimum.

Gaming Mode in Sonoma

Video Conferencing on Sonoma

Screen sharing is one of the most used features in video conferencing tools. This functionality enabled video conferencing to be more than just a mode of communication but a tool for business meetings, events, and educational instruction.

Browser Updates for Safari

Safari, Apple’s built-in browser, has also comprehensively enhanced quite a few features of the browser to ensure a smoother experience. The same includes features like Private Browsing, which can be called an improved version of the Incognito Mode in Windows. Even with the family group feature, passwords can be shared and updated as well. Different types of customized profiles can also be done through the Profile Option of the browser.

Browser Updates in Sonoma

Web Apps in macOS Sonoma

This feature helps in developing websites, for a person who is not a pro in such endeavors. creates a simplified toolbar for the site that gives off an app-like experience. It places the site’s icon directly on your Dock so it won’t get lost in your browsing.


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