How To Standby Mode enabled in iOS 17 iPhone Details steps

Enabling Standby mode in iOS 17 happens to be one of the most distinctive features of iOS 17 that have been newly introduced. When the iPhone happens to be on Standby Mode, it will display useful info that will include time, weather, calendar, photos, music, etc. The Standby Mode can also be used to control HomeKit-enabled devices, summon Siri with rich visual results that can be viewed from a distance, and get real-time updates from your favorite apps using Live Activities, among other features. The Mode is by default enabled in iOS 17 and reveals itself when the phone is connected to power and placed at an inclined angle.

Turning on Standby Mode in iOS 17

  1. Open Settings and then Standby on the phone
  2. Toggle the Standby option.
  3. Night mode can also be enabled by toggling the required option on iPhone.
  4. Phone can be connected to power via MagSafe or Lightning Cable.

StandBy Mode on iOS 17

Customizing Standby Mode Interfaces on iPhone

While the phone is in Standby Mode, it can be swiped horizontally to cycle between widgets, galleries, clocks, etc. The interfaces can also be customized with multiple options for watch faces, widgets, and pictures as well. The same can be achieved using the below-mentioned steps:

Tapping and holding the widget to add new ones or remove old ones or reorganize

  • Tapping the minus button on the top left corner of the widget to remove
  • Tapping the plus button on the top left corner to add
  • Tapping Done to complete

Swipe left to enter the Gallery View and then tap and hold anywhere to open the Menu to choose photos

  • Tap the + icon to add photos and – remove them.

Additional Standby Features for iOS 17

When compared to other models, the iPhone 14 Pro and later models have 2 more features in the Standby Mode: Always On and Motion to Wake

  • To enable the Always On feature, select Settings -> Standby -> Always On
  • To enable, Motion To Wake, Select Standby ->Night Mode-> Motion to Wake

StandBy Mode on iOS 17


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