Samuel Otis Brinton, American nuclear engineer, Arrested

Samuel Otis Brinton, the former Department of Energy official, who was accused of stealing luggage at Harry Reid International Airport last year, was arrested in Maryland Wednesday, according to Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police.

Samuel Otis Brinton
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Samuel Otis Brinton – Life and Times

8 News Now Investigators learned the police executed a search warrant at Brinton’s home in “connection with allegations of stolen property in luggage from Reagan National Airport that was brought to the department’s attention in February 2023.” In July 2022, a woman reported her luggage missing from Harry Reid International Airport. A Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer reviewed the surveillance video and observed Samuel Otis Brinton pulling the victim’s luggage from the carousel and examining the tag, and then placing it back on the carousel. The warrant said Brinton then pulled it back off the carousel, looked around, and walked away with it. Graig Graziosi

Samuel Otis Brinton – Emerging Details

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Police, said the arrest was related to the theft of airport luggage, reported Fox News. As per the news and media sources, It is the third such allegation made against Brinton. They previously oversaw nuclear waste policy at the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy, but more recently have been battling charges related to luggage theft in both Nevada and Minnesota. Samuel Otis Brinton was charged in October for allegedly stealing a traveler’s bags worth a total of $2,325 from the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport on 16 September. They were charged again in early December by Las Vegas prosecutors with grand larceny of an item with a value between $1,200 and $5,000.

Those charges accuse Samuel Otis Brinton, an American nuclear engineer, of stealing a suitcase from the Harry Reid International Airport with an estimated worth of $3,670 on 6 July 2022. That bag also contained jewelry valued at $1,700, clothing valued at $850, and makeup valued at $500. Brinton faced a combined 15 years in prison for the alleged thefts, but judges in both cases determined jail time was not necessary. Samuel Otis Brinton made headlines after Tanzanian fashion designer Asya Khamsin spotted them wearing one of her custom-made dresses packed in the luggage that she reported missing in 2018.

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