Samsung 8K Smart TV of 292 inches Ultra HD display

Samsung 8K Smart TV of 292 inches Ultra HD display going by the name Samsung The Wall Luxury MicroLED. The television model has been named The Wall. The Samsung 8K Smart TV model happens to be the world’s first MicroLED display that is available in three sizes and resolutions – 146 inches in 4K, 219 inches in 6K and 292 inches in 8K. And hold on, the price can go all the way up to Rs 12 crore.

Samsung 8K Smart TV
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Samsung 8K Smart TV The Wall –Features

Samsung Smart TV Ultra HD

Model Name

The Wall

Size (Diagonal)

292 inches
Screen Resolution

4K, 7680×4320 pixels

Refresh Rate

120 Hz


Video Format Supported

Image Formats Supported





Now, you obviously can’t carry around a 146-inch TV, which is where modularity comes in handy. The display of the Samsung 8K Smart TV is divided into smaller 16×16 inch modules that need to be plugged together to create The Wall. This TV literally needs to be built on the wall of your living room or bedroom. Apart from the size, The Wall comes with smart connectivity features allowing users to play games, watch content and all other features available in a typical Samsung Smart TV.

As per Samsung spokesperson, “ We see a lot of opportunities for The Wall in India which has approximately 140 billionaires and over 950 multi-millionaires,” Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India, told IANS.

Samsung 8K Smart TV The Wall – Reviews

Samsung The Wall delivers an enriching viewing experience with true black, true color and Samsung’s AI picture enhancement, high brightness, and high contrast in any luxury home, corporate or high-end retail environment, Samsung said. The displays come in a variety of ratios – the 146-inch in 4K definition, 219-inch in 6K definition and the 292-inch in 8K definition.

The AI up-scaling, Quantum HDR technology, peak brightness of 2,000 nits and 120Hz video rate provide a rich visual experience, the company said, adding that The Wall Luxury – meant for home cinema and gaming – will be exclusively available at the Samsung Executive Briefing Centre in Gurugram.

The Samsung 8K Smart TV Wall also comes in a professional version that is geared toward high-end businesses and retail spaces, called The Wall Pro.


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