Riddick Vin Diesel return for the 4th film in the series

Riddick Vin Diesel return for the 4th movie of “The Chronicles of Riddick” franchise as the lead cast, Richard B Riddick as he is set to unite with the writer and director of the previous installments, David Twohy. Diesel, apart from being the lead antagonist in the movie is also set to produce the most entertaining movie under his One Race Films production banner along with Samantha Vincent as per the latest news.

Riddick Vin Diesel return
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The history of Riddick

The first one in the series was brought forth more than 2 decades ago by the director David Twohy as he united with Riddick Vin Diesel return for the first time for “The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black”. David was the co-writer of the script partnering with Ken and Jim Wheat. After the stupendous success of the 1st one, the 2nd one was released in 2004 followed by the 3rd in 2013.

Riddick Vin Diesel return: The new narrative for the new movie

As per sources from the correspondents of Deadline, the narrative of the new movie is set around the main antagonist, Vin Diesel portraying the character of Richard B Riddick who, “finally returns to his home world, a place he barely remembers and one he fears might be left in ruins by the Necromongers. But there he finds other Furyans fighting for their existence against a new enemy. And some of these Furyans are more like Riddick than he could have ever imagined.”

Riddick: Furya- The Director speaks

 As per the writer and the director of the movie David Twohy, “Our legion fans have demanded it for years, and now we’re finally ready to honor their call-to-action with Riddick: Furya. My collaboration with Vin and One Race has spanned 20 fruitful years, as together we’ve created three movies, two video games, an anime production, and motion comics for the internet. This new big-screen event will see a return to Riddick’s home world, where we finally get to explore Riddick’s genesis.”

However, the release date of this much-anticipated film has not yet been zeroed in till now as per sources.


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