Man City vs RB Leipzig match end in a 7-0 shock for Red Bulls

Man City vs RB Leipzig match ended in a 7-0 shock for Red Bulls as Erling Haaland scored 5 including a controversial penalty. Team City, the champions of the English Premier League tore apart the Red Bulls and asserted their dominance starting with a penalty that can be termed as controversial by all means.

Man City vs RB Leipzig – How it all unfolded

Even though the Premier League champions, team City overpowered team Leipzig with 5 goals from Erling Haaland, the team might as well thank the referee, who initiated the onslaught with a controversial penalty. Even for the 2nd goal, when the Man City goalkeeper charged towards the ball with Vincic chasing from the other end, the referee was quick to hand out a yellow card to him, for reasons best known to the referee himself, much to the dissatisfaction of the RB Leipzig fans.

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Man City got the better of RB Leipzig

Considering the fact that the team City, on their day can emerge as the winner against any team in the world, but the start of the match with a controversial penalty followed by an even more controversial yellow card for Leipzig did break the rhythm for them. However, the City team built up on their share of luck and made the most of it as they netted 7 goals in total.

“I spoke to the referee again, and he told me that he didn’t see a handball but that the VAR had alerted him, so he went and checked the replay and awarded the penalty,” Henrichs said after the game. “For me, it wasn’t a penalty, but when you lose 7-0, it doesn’t need to be spoken about too much.”

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As Man City netted 3 goals in the 1st half, it was all but over for their opponents by the time the first 45 minutes were done. However, the City team was not really ready to settle for it and stormed the 2nd half as well as they netted 4 more goals to hand out a comprehensive victory.


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