Man City vs RB Leipzig match end in a 7-0 shock for Red Bulls

Man City

Man City vs RB Leipzig match ended in a 7-0 shock for Red Bulls as Erling Haaland scored 5 including a controversial penalty. Team City, the champions of the English Premier League tore apart the Red Bulls and asserted their dominance starting with a penalty that can be termed as controversial by all means. Man … Read more

Chelsea vs Dortmund end 2-0 for Chelsea in UEFA

Chelsea vs Dortmund

Chelsea vs Dortmund ended in a 2-0 in the former’s favour as the Reds enter the coveted quarterfinals of the UEFA League. The match was played in Stamford Bridge on Tuesday, Chelsea came back strongly after they tailed 1-0 from the previous encounter. The entire Chelsea vs Dortmund match was incredibly crucial for Chelsea as … Read more

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