Your Place or Mine, the charming romantic comedy

The new romantic comedy, Your Place or Mine on Netflix starring by Ashton Kutcher and Resse Witherspoon has created quite a furor even though the movie has received a mixed response from the fans. The Movie released over OTT, this Netflix production the movie is all about two old friends switching homes for a week and snapping each other out of their ruts.

Your Place or Mine
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Your Place or Mine: The storyline

The movie all about two individuals, Ashton Kutcher and Resse Witherspoon, one of them a rich consultant leading a lavish life in a plush New York apartment and the other being a single mom to a 13 years old boy in Los Angeles, California. The duo did happen to cross paths almost two decades ago, but never really had the will to stick together and chose to be friends in the long run. However, an intimate relationship had been sustained by the two over the years, even though remotely but both of them had supported each other through thick and thin.

An emergency forces Resse Witherspoon to come down to New York from Los Angeles with Ashton Kutcher swapping places with her due to the incident. Filling in each other’s shoes and the further chain of incidents that evolve forms the crux of the story.

Your Place or Mine: The cast, crew members and review

The movie “Your Place or Mine” has been directed by the “Devil Wears Prada” and “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” by famed writer and director Aline Brosh McKenna. The movie seems to be a perfect fit for Valentine’s day week as the situation and the occasion match the theme perfectly. However, the movie strays away from the theme a bit in the beginning but just like the saying goes “ All’s well that ends well”, the director seems to have followed the same to the “T”.

No matter what the critics opine, the movie can be a one-time-watch and an entertainer for the audience across all levels.


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