Mexico Tractor Crash kills 26 after colliding with a van

Mexico Tractor Crash kills 26 after colliding with a van in the Northern State of Tamaulipas on Sunday as per sources. The collision between the two vehicles resulted in the vehicles catching fire, thereby killing 26 including children.

Mexico Tractor Crash
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Mexico Tractor Crash – Disappearing vehicles

The local police confirmed that after the Mexico Tractor Crash, when the team reached the accident site, the tractor-trailer was nowhere to be found around the site of the crash. According to a news source at the Tamaulipas prosecutors’ office cited by Reuters, it was unclear to investigators whether the truck’s driver fled the scene or died in the collision. Meanwhile, children were among the van’s passengers. The van was purportedly from a private transportation company, the source claimed. According to the source, all of the deceased victims of the Mexico Tractor Crash are believed to be Mexicans. This had been ascertained as the authorities found national IDs at the scene.

Mexico Tractor Crash – History repeats itself

About two weeks ago another incident took place in breaking news where at least 18 died and 33 were injured in a tourist bus accident in western Mexico. The concerned officials of the area confirmed that the bus was carrying tourists on a long 220 km trip from Guadalajara to Jalisco in the neighboring state when it went off the road. It has also been understood from reliable sources that all the 26 passengers who were killed in the accident were Mexican citizens. The officials are yet to ascertain the identities of all the deceased and are therefore unsure if the driver of the truck was also killed in the accident or if he has fled. The authorities have however recovered the national IDs of the deceased.

The van happened to belong to a local transportation business who were carrying tourists that included men, women and children. Officials said the truck carrying the trailer was not at the accident site by the time the authorities reached there. The harrowing incident of the Mexico Tractor Crash occurred when the bus carrying the tourists plunged into a ravine on Saturday night. It was traveling between Tepic, the state capital, and Puerto Vallarta, a popular tourist destination, as per the prosecutor’s office in Nayarit, the region where the tragedy took place.


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