Meghan Markle surprise revelation on Valentine’s day awaits

A Valentine’s Day special Meghan Markle surprise announcement from the Royal couple Prince Harry and her wife Meghan Markel awaits. News collected from authentic and trusted sources confirm that both Harry and Meghan are due to welcome their 3rd child and the announcement on Valentine’s Day might be to that effect. The couple has been enjoying their parenthood already with their 2 kids, Archie and Lilibet.

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Meghan Markle surprise: History repeats itself for the Royals

The date, 14th February is of historical importance to the Royal family apart from being Valentine’s day. It was on the same date, 2 years ago, that Prince Harry and Meghan had announced the arrival of their second child, Lilibet and the child was born after a few months on 4th June 2021. Apart from that, Harry’s mother, Princess Diana had also announced the news of the arrival of their child 39 years ago, in 1984.

News flowing in for quite a few months

The Meghan Markle surprise, however, has not been something out-of-the-blue as far as her current pregnancy is concerned. News reports do confirm that in their media interaction held last October, the couple had expressed their plans for extending their family by welcoming the new member. It is rumored that since Prince Harry and his wife, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markel are due to welcome their 3rd child, they also hope that the arrival of the newborn can mend the broken relationship which the couple shares with King Charles.

Sources quote, “They’ve always played it down and said two children would be the maximum number, but being parents has brought them more joy and purpose than anything they ever imagined. Things can change, situations can change, and there’s certainly more than enough love in their hearts to welcome another and Meghan Markle has told Harry she thinks another baby would bring them closer.”


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