Argentine Female Fans Penalized for going topless in the finals.

The Middle East is well-known for its conservative laws especially when it comes to women. During the FIFA World Cup, the rules were also in effect for the visitors as well. Women had to follow quite a few rules or face action in case they fail to adhere to them. Women were strictly prohibited from wearing revealing outfits or displaying their cleavage in public. During the league stage, a Croatian supermodel also quoted controversy for wearing revealing clothes and her images were all over social media. Hence, chances of Argentine Female Fans Penalized for going topless were imminent in such scenarios.

Argentine Female Fans Penalized
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Baring it all

After Argentina won the World Cup in a dramatic encounter that can be best described s an “edge-of-the-seat” thriller, 2 female fans went topless in the Lusail Stadium as a part of the extravagant celebrations in the aftermath of the win. Incidentally, both these women were up in arms during the entire tournament.

Argentine Female Fans Penalized, Almost!

As videos of these 2 women went viral, it raised mixed reactions. Some were appreciating the beauty, others were criticizing them for not following the rule of law. To sum up, it brewed a storm that was expected from such incidents, especially when they are happening in a country like, Qatar. As expected, Qatar officials did release press statements condemning such acts as they expect their culture and laws to be respected by tourists and fans, no matter what. However, the identity of the women was not revealed. The stunts are believed to be inspired by the late legend, Diego Maradona, who had made similar statements during the 2010 World Cup, in case Argentine would go on to win it. Maradona happened to head the team during the 2010 World Cup. However, probably in the best interest of world, both those women were spared of any legal action from the Qatar law enforcement and Argentine Female Fans Penalized didn’t really see the light of the day.

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