3 Best Janhvi Kapoor Party Looks You Need to Steal

Janhvi Kapoor is definitely a trendsetter. Every piece of clothing Kapoor dons seems to stand out without putting any effort into it. Her preference for metallic occasion wear is obvious if you’ve been following her stylistic development. These 5 outfits from Janhvi Kapoor party looks collections are well worth bookmarking if you’re eager to invest in the ageless fashionable sequins.

Best Janhvi Kapoor Party Looks You Need to Steal
Best Janhvi Kapoor Party Looks You Need to Steal

1. Janhvi Kapoor appears stunning in her glittering cocktail dress by Manish Malhotra:

The dynamic duo of designer Manish Malhotra and Janhvi Kapoor most recently took to Instagram to post photos of the collection, which she wore to support Malhotra’s luxurious and younger audience couture presentation. The Diffuse line, which stood out for its ease-to-couture offering, high level of utility and style, and a flood of vibrant designs and distinctive textures, reflected the spirit of youth. Janhvi Kapoor party look for the evening is evidence that the lineup was a wonderful match for his sense of style.

2. The all-over sequin dress worn by Janhvi Kapoor is the ideal ensemble for a party:

Janhvi Kapoor is a master at creating silhouettes that stick to the body, and her most recent appearance did not disappoint. In an outfit that went above and beyond, Kapoor made a statement when she arrived at Ranvir Singh’s newest show, The Big Picture.

3. Janhvi Kapoor’s sequin is essential if you adore pastel colors:

The sequined Manish Malhotra sari is without a doubt the party costume for janhvi kapoor party looks that Bollywood is currently clearly head-over-heels for. A fast-paced pre-stitched sari like the one worn by Janhvi Kapoor can be the ideal purchase if you’re searching for a Janhvi Kapoor party look this season. The pre-stitched dress would stand out at any night or cocktail gathering with little work. The bralette-style top in the same violet hue was worn with the high-shine six-yard piece, which was covered entirely in sequins.