R.I.P. Steve Mackey, ‘Pulp’ Bassist Untimely Death

The prolonged illness of Musician Steve Mackey leads the 56 year old to breathe his last after 3 months in the hospital. He had been a famous musician and a bass guitarist for the group named, “Pulp”. However, the reason of his prolonged sickness had not yet been made public by the concerned authorities or his family.

Steve Mackey
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Who was Steve Mackey, the musician?

A British musician and the bass guitarist for the group “PULP”. Pulp rose to fame as part of the ’90s rock subset known as Britpop, alongside acts like Blur, Oasis, Lush, Suede, and Elastica. Mackey joined in 1989 ahead of the band’s third album Separations, eventually released in 1992.

“His recruitment had occurred across a supermarket car park when he was pushing a trolley,” violinist Russell Senior recalls in his 2015 memoir Freak Out The Squares. “We didn’t really know him but he was in a band called Trolley Dog Shag and I shouted oafishly, ‘Where’s the dog, mate?’ He smiled and we asked him if he could play bass.”

Times of Steve Mackey

Steve had been partnering with Jarvis Cocker and they had together made quite a few landmark compositions. The two made cameo appearances alongside Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Phil Selway in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, and Mackey worked on Cocker’s solo albums Jarvis and Further Complications.

As a producer, he also hit the studio with artists including M.I.A., the Long Blondes, and Florence + the Machine.

Death came too soon for Steve Mackey

Steve’s wife took to the social media platform, Instagram to make the news of the demise of the famed guitarist and musician, public. Fans and followers from around the world expressed their grief and condolences. Her wife, Katie Grand, who got married in 2009, told the media that he had been suffering for a long time with the ailment but didn’t elaborate further on it.

She expressed her grief saying she has been shocked and grieved at the untimely passing of the Steve Mackey. The other band members also expressed their condolences and are grieving the loss of their partner.


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