Paris Hilton recalls her past when she was r*ped

Paris Hilton happens to be one of the most famous figures in Hollywood apart from being a celebrity model and a socialite. She has been in the news and its headlines more often than not for reasons, good or bad. Paris Hilton has inherited a multi-billion dollar empire from her grandfather who happened to be the owner of the world-famous Hilton group of hotels.

Her life was marred with controversies, more often than not, but this happened to be the very first time that the celebrity opened up before the media with such a traumatic experience that happens to haunt her till date. She has recently embraced motherhood as well and had taken to her social media handle to declare her happiness for the new role in life that she has embraced recently.

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Paris Hilton: Drugged and Raped

Paris Hilton shared her traumatic experience of being drugged and raped while she was a teenager, all of 15 and was staying with her grandmother in Palm Springs, Florida. The model-turned-actor recalls how she was raped by a person who was much older to her and how he had forced himself on her during her stay with her maternal grandmother in Palm Springs, Florida.

As per Paris, the incident happened when she used to regularly hang-out with her friends in the Westfield Century City Mall in Palm Springs. She went on to confirm that she used to visit the place with her friends almost every weekend and interact with men who were much older to her, in the same premises. They even exchanged their contact details too during their interaction.

How the horror unfolded

As per Paris Hilton, she recounted the incident, saying, “And then one day, they invited us to their house, and we’re drinking these berry wine coolers. I didn’t drink or anything back then, but then when I had maybe one or two sips, I just immediately started feeling dizzy and woozy. I don’t know what he put in there; I’m assuming it was a roofie.” After Hilton recalled that, she woke up a few hours later and saw that her friend had left, but she had memories of being assaulted. Sharing those traumatic memories, she said, “I have visions of him on top of me, covering my mouth, being like, ‘You’re dreaming, you’re dreaming,’ and whispering that in my ear.”

As her way to recuperate from the incident, she had been through several counseling and behavioral programs to get over the trauma, but it still comes back to haunt her.


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